Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ Partners

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What Is a Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ Partner?

An Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ Partner is a company or organization that works with The Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ to help us License our Intellectual Property to residential mortgage lenders, credit unions, traditional banks, or any other entity that is a residential mortgage lender in the U.S.A.

What Type of Company or Organization Makes a Good Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ Partner?

Any entity that has established relationships with residential mortgage companies is a good Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ Partner.  State, Regional, or National Mortgage Associations or Realtor® Associations are ideal Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ Partners.  Other potential Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ Partners are Mortgage Software companies (including but not limited to loan origination, lead management, compliance, fraud prevention, workflow automation, and document preparation software), Loan Officer Associations, Information and Marketing Service Providers, Lead Providers, Appraisal Management Companies, and Credit Reporting Companies.

How do Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ Partners Sign Up Their Members or Customers to Participate in The Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™?

There are many ways to introduce us to your members or customers, but we at The Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ will assist you every step of the way.  We can arrange for Go To Webinars and live seminars.  We will also provide you with marketing materials you can use to contact your constituents by e-mail, social media, on your web site, and by direct mail.

What Level of Income Can we Hope to Generate by Working With The Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™?

Your income will of course depend on the ultimate level of participation of your members and customers in The Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™.  There is, however, the possibility of generating substantial income.  We think in many cases the potential exists to produce more income from working with The Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ than you do from your primary activity.  Please contact us so we can discuss this opportunity together.