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Tired of Ending up With a Drawer Full of Unclosed Deals?

How much would your business change if every time you received a Title Order, you were pretty confident you'd be holding a closing?

If you've been in the business for any length of time, you automatically put time aside to call mortgage originators and follow up on files that have been laying around your office for far too long. You start asking, "Is Smith going to close?  How about Jones or Wilson?" But you already know the answer, and at the end of the day you've got a pile of dead deals. And that costs you money and cuts down on your profitability.


Some mortgage loan originators are better than others. You know that. And it's the ones that under-perform that cost you money. Let me ask you this: Who would you rather work with; a company that sends you maybe just five deals per month, but they all close, or a company that sends you 15 deals a month and only seven close? How about your support staff?  Who would they rather have as a client?  And think about this: There's a chance you can close more loans with the same (or less) staff if you don't have to waste time working on all those dead files. Think about how your business could change if you had more clients who closed a higher percentage of loans. Imagine not even having to think about making those end of month calls to chase the dead deals.


That's what could happen if you worked with mortgage loan originators who are licensees of The Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ program. That's because only the best of the best qualify for this program. These are mortgage professionals who are willing to put their money where their mouth is. These are lenders who are serious about closing loans; so serious that they are willing to pay a licensing fee for every mortgage application they take. That's how confident they are that their borrowers will get the exact terms that were originally quoted, or the borrower will receive a guaranteed payment. And because that guaranteed payment comes out of the lender's pocket, you can be sure they're not sending you deals they aren't 100% confident of. And that's good news for you.

Are You Ready to Start Holding More Closings?

You can start by introducing The Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ program to your existing lenders. Just refer them to and let them see for themselves the benefits of licensing our system.

And while you're waiting for them to decide, start introducing your services to our existing licensees by clicking here to access our current list.