Tired of Promises From Mortgage Companies? How About Getting Guarantees Instead!

You know how it goes. A buyer shows up with a Mortgage "Pre-Approval" letter. We all know that doesn't mean the mortgage is a done deal, but at least you know the person's credit and income has been reviewed by someone who should be able to tell a qualified borrower from a non-qualified one, right?


So what happens? The buyer makes an offer (subject to mortgage approval, of course) and your seller accepts it. Maybe your seller starts packing; maybe your seller decides to close on their new home. All of a sudden the deal falls apart because the mortgage terms got changed in underwriting, or worse, the mortgage was denied because the underwriter found some things that the loan officer should have but didn't.


Hey, none of this is your fault, but you can be sure the seller is not going to be pleased. And an unhappy seller doesn't send referrals. Stop being the fall guy for loan officers who don't go the extra mile to make sure your buyers are 100% qualified for the mortgage program they apply for. Refer your buyers to one of our Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ licensees and start trading promises for Guarantees. Here's how it works:

As long as the buyer verifies and maintains the original information they provided to one of our licensee mortgage loan originators, thatís the information the lender uses to prepare the mortgage terms and qualify the buyer for the program they were offered, the lender guarantees that the mortgage will close exactly as it was quoted.


And if it doesn't, the buyer gets a guaranteed payment. The buyer receives a guarantee certificate so you and the seller know this buyer stands out above all the others. The buyer also receives a seller guarantee certificate that the buyer uses to designate an additional payment to the seller if the sale does not close due to the mortgage company's error.


We understand that you have no direct control over the lender your buyer chooses. But we also know that if you explain to the buyer that they have a guaranteed chance to close their mortgage under the exact terms they were expecting or else they get money in their pocket, they'll pay attention. And that means more sales for you. But that's not all. It also means more listings, too.


All you have to do is tell your prospective sellers how many mortgages are falling apart in underwriting these days. Let them know you don't want them all packed up and ready to move only to find out that the buyer's mortgage was not approved. Explain how you protect your sellers by working with lenders who offer The Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™ program. What a great way to raise your agency's visibility in a crowded marketplace by offering something that your competitors do not.


Please note: Our company does not sign up mortgage companies directly; we only sign them up through marketing partners or affiliates. If there is no one in your area working with us as an affiliate or marketing partner, why not consider nominating your local or state Realtor® Association? What a great opportunity for you to make the connection between our company and your association. Not only will you be recognized as the person who brought a new level of professionalism to the home lending industry, you'll also help raise funds for the association since the association also receives a part of the licensing revenue.  You can contact us today if you'd like more information and help making the introduction.


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