Mortgage Companies Offering the Guaranteed Mortgage Quote™

If you are planning on getting a home mortgage or re-fi, you owe it to yourself to work with mortgage lenders who are willing to guarantee you'll receive the exact mortgage terms you were quoted or they'll pay YOU.


If you're a Realtor®, shouldn't you be protecting your sellers, and helping your buyers by recommending mortgage loan originators who are willing to put their money where their mouth is?

And if you're a Title/Closing Attorney or Escrow Agent, you can keep your drawers free of dead deals by working with these high quality mortgage originators who licensee The Guaranteed Mortgage Quote System.


And finally, if you're a lender who wants to be recognized for your professionalism, your next stop should be here.


Due to the Dodd Frank regulations that require mortgage brokers to earn the same percentage compensation on most loans, we regret that mortgage brokers cannot offer our program, because if they have to pay out on a guarantee that would result in them earning less compensation on that loan. If these regulations are amended, we would welcome mortgage broker participation.


We are expecing our first lender partners soon.